Helps You Build Your Own Fashion Business Helps You Build Your Own Fashion Business

In high school, you were doing your best to get into a reputable college. During the studies, you worked so damn hard to gain the skills needed to get an awesome job one day. Now that you have the job you’ve always wanted, you’re starting to realize that this is simply not for you.

You don’t want to help other people build their dreams. Instead, you have your own dreams and you’re feeling a strong desire to ditch whatever it is you’re doing right now and go for them. This is what Virginia Fabricius, the face, brain, and heart behind, realized when she decided to start her fashion line. Here is her story.

To Start a Business, You need to Come Up with a Revolutionary Business Idea.

After graduating from Parsons and earning two business degrees, Virginia decided not to launch her career getting coffee and running errands as an assistant designer.

She was destined to be an entrepreneur. Starting a business on her own gave her an opportunity to finally express her creativity and combine all her passions into a brilliant career. Her business idea was truly revolutionary- creating workout wear for everyday life.

In 2015, Virginia lived in NYC and she found it frustrating that she couldn’t find active clothes she could wear to work. Everyone talked about athleisure and yet, no one was ready to really give this approach a try.

“I wanted, no, needed clothes that were clean-cut, feminine yet edgy, urban, and generally ‘looked like normal clothes’ that would take me straight from the office to my favorite workout classes and then to happy hour without the pain of lugging around a gym bag all day long!  I wanted clothes where all I had to do was take my heels off and go.”

This is how her fashion line, Akrovita, was born in 2015.

Luxury Activewear Line akrovita

Still, Your Ideas are Worthless if You don’t Know how to Implement them Strategically.

Just like many aspiring fashion designers, Virginia believed she had it all. She was talented, enthusiastic, and passionate about her new career path. She didn’t lack courage, either.

Virginia believed her visions, charm, and creativity would help her rise above her rivals and carve her name in the fashion industry forever. However, she soon realized that diving into the uncharted waters of entrepreneurship isn’t that simple at all. In an interview for FITOutfit, she emphasized that:

“Being an entrepreneur means wearing thirty different hats at the same time and no two days are the same!  One day you might attend a trade show, another day you might be busy answering calls and emails and doing ‘business stuff’ while the next week you could live inside a factory to manage production or do quality control.  Sometimes you make this awesome plan for the day and you end up doing something completely different!” 

Unsurprisingly, the first year in the startup world is the hardest. To survive it, Virginia needed far more than just a killer business idea. She needed to learn how to channel it strategically.

Just like Guy Kawasaki once said: “Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard.”

Of course, to learn how to rationalize your business ideas, you need to have someone to give you a reality check. Someone more experienced than you, that will give you implementable, rational, and actionable tips. And, this is one of the major problems Virginia faced. Her starting point was conducting a solid research, but the majority of the tips she found online were worthless. On her site, she states the following:

“I started researching online and I bought EVERY. SINGLE. BOOK. on Amazon about how to start your own fashion business. My sad conclusion: most of it was crap. There was just no reliable, actionable, and up-to-date source of information out there.”

As a result, she launched a fashion line not having a clue what she was doing and, consequently, she almost failed in the first year of her business. This is exactly what inspired her to start

“And that’s where FashionFounder.Me comes in: to spill these secrets, share my experience as a fashion entrepreneur, and get you one step closer to your goal. Is this going to be an easy journey? No. Getting coffee is easy. But we’ve already settled that that’s not for us.”

Implement ideas Strategically

Tips Written BY an Entrepreneur FOR Entrepreneurs: Bringing Value through Blogging

If you google Akrovita, you will see that Virginia has already been investing heavily in the brand’s online promotion. However, is something completely different. It’s her personal website, her brainchild. This is a place where she shares her own experiences, thoughts, and ideas. And, in this oversaturated online world, full of repetitive, recycled content, having such an authentic approach is truly refreshing.

She makes sure that all the topics she covers are relevant to inexperienced entrepreneurs and filled to the brim with numerous the tips essential for them to start their business and grow it successfully. Each of these articles comes straight from her mind and heart and yet, is backed by solid research and stats.

To learn how to rationalize your business ideas, you need to have someone to give you a reality check.

Even though the blog is relatively new, Virginia has already managed to establish an authentic tone and voice and create a friendly conversational atmosphere. And, to keep her readers focused from beginning to end, she invests a lot of effort in providing the impeccable user experience.

Open any of her posts and one of the first things you’ll notice is bright colors, catchy headlines, block quotes. All her articles are easy-to-digest, as they are broken down into smaller paragraphs, with a readable font and lots of white space. It’s not only the quality of her content but the way she presents it that also adds up to her blog’s value.

 Bringing Value through Blogging

Know your Metrics: Helps You Understand How Engaging your Instagram Efforts Really Are

Instagram is a place that gives you the opportunity to replace words with eye-catching photos, animations, live stories, and videos. No wonder it has become the Mecca of building a recognizable online identity for all fashion businesses, designers, and bloggers. Most importantly, it has become an integral part of their sales funnel.

This is where they can experiment with different types of content, use different customer engagement strategies, and share user-generated content. Behind-the-scenes photos allow you to show the human side of your brand, while with live stories, you can address your followers’ FOMO.

Still, it doesn’t matter if you’re using Instagram to increase brand awareness or make sales, you need to have a strategy. And, as with every strategy, you first need to know how well your Instagram profile is doing right now.

If you’re not sure where to start, which metrics to track, which tools to use, offers an incredible Instagram Analysis option.

Explaining the importance of IG analysis, Virginia emphasizes that this is the most effective way to find out which of your strategies work, save your time, and minimize the guesswork. You will get an unbiased analysis of your online performance to tell you whether you’re marketing to the right people, sending the right message, and creating an effective brand.

The way these Instagram Analysis services work is pretty simple:

  1. You pay for the service, get a confirmation email and a kick-off questionnaire.
  2. You answer these questions honestly so that Virginia can have a full insight into your goals, needs, and expectations.
  3. In 72 hours from your submission, your Instagram account will be dissected and analyzed to the tiniest detail and you’ll receive a highly personalized performance report.
  4. You will also have an access to email support and a private Facebook group.

“The analysis provides you with more insights than just the numbers. While we will give you your growth- and engagement rates we will also interpret them for you, relate them to your actions from the last 30 days, and see whether your content fits with your intended message, your branding, and overarching business goals,” Virginia claims.

The Instagram report comes with three pieces of content, providing you with numerous actionable tips on how to grow your brand on Instagram:

  • The Exclusive Instagram Action Guide: How to Build A Successful IG Account
  • The Fashionable Feed eBook, How to Create a Stellar Instagram Feed
  • The Instagram Toolbox, An Ultimate List of Useful Tools to Grow Your Account

Know your instagram Metrics

A Site that Has It All

Over these past few years, we’ve written countless articles on how to build a perfect website and why is it important to do so.

We’ve already come to a conclusion your website is an online reflection of everything your brand stands for. This is why it needs to be visually appealing, user-friendly, and perfectly optimized.

It doesn’t matter if you’re using Instagram to increase brand awareness or make sales, you need to have a strategy. And, as with every strategy, you first need to know how well your Instagram profile is doing right now.

And, if you’re still not sure what this means, well, take a look at Here are a few tricks this site teaches us.

It all starts with a killer hero image and a straightforward mission statement. Your potential clients want to know who they are doing business with. This is why Virginia used her own photo as a hero image for her site. It’s a bold branding move, helping her build firmer connections with her target audience.

Then, there is a clear and simple navigation. The mere fact that someone has visited your site means that they want to learn more about you or find a specific answer to their questions. And, you need to help them find what they’re looking for effortlessly, otherwise, they’ll leave you.

Precisely because of this, Virginia opted for an upper navigation bar, clearly divided into the following sections:

  • Home
  • Bio
  • Blog
  • Contact
  • Instagram Analysis

In addition to a simple navigation bar, you can also spot a high-converting hamburger menu, as well as compelling CTA buttons to guide you through the site towards the content you’re searching for.

There is also a mobile-friendly and easy-to-fill-out contact form and social buttons that instantly connect a visitor to Virginia’s Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Instagram account. Remember, allowing your target audience to reach out to you easily, through various channels will boost their conversions.

As the primary purpose of the site is to boost her visitors’ engagement and generate more leads, Virginia also offers exclusive content such as a free eBook, a free guide, and a free, 5-day email course as powerful lead magnets.

What we can conclude from the analysis of is that every detail on the site, from the choice of colors to the blog, communicates Virginia’s devotion, experience, and professionalism. And, if you’re still not sure whether to reach out to her, just take a look at numerous testimonials written by influential people in the fashion sphere she worked with.

a site taht has it all

Over to You

For years now, we’ve been told that the majority of startups fail in the first few years of doing business. We’re sure you’re already familiar with these facts, too. But, does this mean that you should give up on your dreams?

Of course not.

Choosing a career as an entrepreneur is a fierce path to the thread, but it’s doable. And, this is why we decided to tell you Virginia Fabricius’ story today.

The reason why we’re especially proud that Virginia has chosen .ME as an online home for is the fact that we have the same mission- to help numerous ambitious entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and freelancers launch a successful career and monetize it properly.

This is why we’ve created .Me Success Stories– to tell you stories of diverse brands that started off just like you, not having the slightest clue of what they’re doing, and then managed to turn their business ideas into something truly valuable.

Choose sweet and short .ME as your domain, create a personalized brand that stands out, and don’t get surprised if you find your work featured in one of our future blog posts!



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