We Are .ME

Nice Meeting You!

.ME is a team of passionate and creative professionals that work hard on providing you with an easy way to market yourself and your business online and tools necessary to reach your personal and professional goals.
We are also a team of intrapreneurs with each of us having projects we are passionate about and responsible for. We aim to cultivate the culture of openness and challenging the status quo, and we like to think that we are succeeding.

Predrag Lešić


A mechanical engineer, a dreamer and a pioneer of Internet in Montenegro.

Nataša Đukanović

Sales & Marketing mgr.

Responsible for marketing, relations with business partners, and being at 3 places at once.

Bojana Popović

Business development

In charge of our business development in Asia and our amazing conference swag.

Kelly Hardy

Business Development

A domain industry expert based in Los Angeles, you will find Kelly at all of our U.S. domain and tech events.

Vuksan Rajković

Business Development

Handling conference sponsorships, running the Development Program as well as partner-related marketing.

Sanja Lazović

Financial Officer

When not traveling or doing an audit of financial records, she's in charge for good vibes in the office.